Loewe 001

Our task was to design a supposed print campaign for the 001 perfume by Loewe. The concept for the campaign was “The morning after” and it had to talk about the relationship between two young people. Some of the concepts they wanted to transmit and which we took to create our campaign were Complicity, Seduction, Naturalness and Spontaneity.

So we went out at 2 a.m. with a compact analog camera with flash, and we photographed each other playing under the rain. We then paired our photos to George Shira’s and I wrote the copy to explain the story. Because you can’t have a morning after without a night before:

"The night came and they were alive. They felt this time would be different. Changing. And they set free, running through darkness, chasing the sky and the trees and each other. The morning after, they wouldn’t know themselves. The Moon gave them skin, touch, taste, strength, smell and body. And the Sun burst it all".

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