Revista Lucas

Lucas is an independent magazine that wants to give voice to the young generations of Menorca, their art and their concerns. The first issue, “#1 Som noltros”, talks about Menorcan identity, how we feel about it and how we express it. The content of this magazine is based on interviews with various young people (between 16 and 30 years old) from Menorca, simply for being from there, or because they are also doing some creative activity, such as music, photography, cinematography, etc. These interviews share space with portraits photographed by me or by the visual creations made by the interviewed.

For this first number, I printed a prototype with The Newspaper Club, which was part of the exhibition “Zero Number. Building a Magazine” in EINA Barra de Ferro, Barcelona. For now we are developing a web page with Vicente Akira where we hope everyone can access the content, and above all we exist and communicate on Instagram at @revistalucas, where we are creating a beautiful community.

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