Les Lullies

Les Llullies are a punk music group from France, with strong connections to Barcelona. The brief was simple: to design a poster announcing a concert at Barbara Ann Bar. We had to include their name, location, date and time. And we had to embrace the punk spirit to the fullest, creating a DIY poster.

When I printed their photo with my home printer to start testing I was taken by surprise: it had low ink. And I liked it. A lot. So I took advantage of the disadvantage and I printed it out again, getting a different result each time. To add the information, I decided to print it over the already printed paper, using a different CMYK color for different text compositions. Moreover, I used the few printing options that my printer offered to generate even more variations in each poster. Everytime I overprinted something new, I scanned the result. At the end, I ended up with four different posters that formed a bizare but very punk family.

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